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Product & Service

Design and development

Packing design

Packaging design not only affects the protection of products and the actual cost of packaging materials, but also on transport costs, storage space and time to have a significant impact on packaging. Years of experience in the packaging industry to make Ben Di in the industry has its unique status. As is known to all, a good package can save the cost of the whole supply chain.

The integration of 3D Packaging

Our design services

  • Excellent cushioning packaging design

    Use SPEEDFOAM PLANK, which is superior to the self foaming production, to cushion packaging design, to ensure the security of customer's products.

  • Integrated packaging solutions

    SPEEDFOAM is Committed to providing customers with the integration of the best packaging solutions for customers to integrate the advantages of the supply chain and rapid response services.

  • Rapid proofing service

    SPEEDFOAM through the program design, and quickly provide a complete set of samples for the customer to test the recognition and small batch rapid production, to meet the needs of customers in small quantities, multi variety.

  • Cost advantage

    SPEEDFOAM combines its own material cost advantage, manufacturing cost control, supply chain integration, inventory management, optimization of logistics solutions for customers to continue to reduce costs.