About us
We are committed to be the excellent supplier of packaging integration solutions

Honor of qualification

The development course

  • 2014

    To enter the HUAWEI supply chain system, dedicated to the promotion and application of TPS packaging integration solutions

  • 2013

    Founded in Guangdong SPEEDFOAM science and technology, to create Foam/ PE mold products and materials manufacturing base

  • 2012

    The establishment of Jiangsu SPEEDFOAM, developed the world's largest series extrusion foaming unit to produce a one-time high foamed polyethylene thick plate

  • 2011

    Won the title of national high-tech enterprises, supply chain / enter Flextronics

  • 2010

    Successful introduction and implementation of enterprise ERP system, into the TCL/ Samsung supply chain

  • 2009

    South Korean MIL-210 foaming machine and enter the supply chain Lite group

  • 2007-2008

    ZTE and IBM supply chain

  • 2006

    MIL-170 foaming machine imported from South Korea

  • 2005

    Enter the business of supply chain

  • 2004

    Enter the Foxconn supply chain to obtain ISO certification

  • 2003

    Established company