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Hard disk

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Physical display

★Project advantage:
1、Automatic forming, production automation, die free production; 2、the turnover cycle, the logistics service concept; 3、the buffer effect is good, the G value is low;
★Creating value for customers:
1、save the high mold cost, simple assembly; available 2、production and sales to the whole package, to provide logistics service for customer development;
3、mass transit transport, recycling, to create the lowest cost of logistics;
★Applicable product packaging:
LCM&Glass plate、HDD、DVD-ROM、Electronic components...
★Distribution strategy:
Turnover cycle, recycling, global supply, packaging and logistics services

Design advantage

1、the company has a mature production process and operating personnel;
2、fully automatic equipment can control the size and quality of products;
3、the production line operation is convenient, fast, high efficiency, product protection effect is good;
4、with the patent number of independent patent:ZL 200920171226.2